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Originally Posted By M4arc:
Excellent! [}:D]

A couple of thoughts:

1) I have a spread sheet that I use to document my G17s history. If you are interested I can send it to you. I have plans to create a PockePC application if you or anyone else is interested.
Too late for that. I'll keep track of rounds fired by the case and post here from now on.

Originally Posted By M4arc:
Excellent! [}:D]
2) The same test(s) needs to be performed on another or a couple other types of handguns. Maybe a H&K or a Sig and a 1911. I know Larry Vickers did a similar test a number of years ago but the history of your G21 is simily amazing so I think you'll have a much different result []
Not me. This has been going on for almost 10 years with this piece. []

Not sure whats next. The large amount of rock salt kept it from freezing out side last night. What would be the best condition for corrosion? Should I leave it outside or bring it in and let it soak? Hos long? The "camera man" from the other pics is convinced the salt will turn the barrel into a rusted mess. We'll see how good the tennifer is.

As a side note - a friend who is a pilot has agreed to take me up this spring and let me throw it out the window of his plane! We'll decide on the height later, but the slowest he said he can go is 65mph.

Valuable Info

Originally Posted By M4arc:
Here's another test: gather up dubb-1, Eric and a few other employees and just go out and run a case through it as fast as you all can. Rotate shooters every few mags to give everyone a chance to reload and see how hot you can get it and to see how many FTF/FTE you have in that 1000 rounds. See how:

- Fast you can put a 1000 rounds through it
- How how it will get
- How many failures during that time

Like I said earlier, it would be nice to see a different pistol being subjected to this kind of punishment []
Yawn. [] Been done 3 or 4 times already. Any(quality) clean pistol, with factory ball ammo should run through 1K rounds like nothing. At this point itd be a waste of $200 IMO [:D]
I'm looking for stuff that hasnt been done, what makes it stop, and can it keap going? Like last night, it was so full of ****, the transfer bar wasnt reseting the striker after firing. After a quick manual cycling and the loss of a round - the next went off. What will make it not function, yet still be usable.
If you want to really analyze the videos from the other day, look at the length of the videos, and the number of shots fired. There were some stops, yet I was still able to get most shots on target.

I'm thinking my next plan will be to start breaking parts myself.
Will if function if the spring cups are shattered?
How much if the striker spring can be cut and still work.
Will it run without an ejector?
I'm still stoked about shooting it without the trigger spring!

I dont care so much about it working, I want to find what makes it stop and how to keep going[>]

Took the glock out of the salt water, and ran 500rds through it. Sorry, would have done 1K, but this was PAINFUL. No cleaning or oil, since the last tests.

Valuable Info

I learned I have an aimed rate of fire of 100RPM :-)
Attempted to load several mags at once and blast through one at a time. After the 3rd mag my hand was almost numb, and I had to really hor at holding on. Need to shoot 2 mags rest a couple minutes and shoot 2 more.
partial video

I dont have room on my server for the whole video, but I think TheRicker may be able to host it later. The spliced together video documents every shot. Count the rounds if you want, I think he caught them all.

Time to stick my hand in a bag of ice.[XX(] Not the smartest thing I've done....

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