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Just a .22 pistol 30' away. I didnt expect it to do any damage, if we hit where we were aiming. Hit it 10 times before I lost my nerve and didnt want to risk hitting the frame. One hit the extractor, but didnt hurt anything.
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video of 1st 2 hits pictured above.

Originally Posted By M4arc:
What kind of damage did it do to the finish? Clean it up and post pictures please.
I took some degreaser and steel wool to one of the spots. It basicaly rubs right off.
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Another stupid idea, but the flat slide seems fitting. hammer

Its been boiled before , no ill effect.

ever wonder what the magwell looks like after inserting hundreds of muddy magazines, and forcing mags into a muddy frame?
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Over time the transfer bar and disconnect have worn grooves into each other. I guess that will happen what contacting metal parts are never oiled. This may be the reason for the 8.5lb trigger?
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And for those who say the plastic mag catch will wear out..... nope, they built it plenty strong too.
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