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I wanted to try another salt water test on the slide and barrel. I mixed up a good mixture of road salt and water, and poured it into a glass of water. I then took a sock I had been using as a rag, and put the slide and barrel in the sock. I then put the sock into the salt water glass. I know it needs air to rust so I poured out the access water, and set the glass on the outside windowsill where it was exposed.
Well, the sock is now dry. Will leaving it sit for a few more days accomplish anything more or has this test gone as far as it can go?

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After 1 week there the rust is seeping through the once black wool sock.
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I think its just runnoff rust from the sights. Its supposed to be raining for the next day here, so I'll set it on my back deck to rinse off overnight.
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Time for some WD40 and a brillo pad
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I learned how deep the tennifer goes. corners of the slide where it had been dropped/dinged/gouged were full of honest to goodness rust. The brillo also seemed to tak off most all of the black finish for the first time too!. I guess the concentrated salt water in the sock was the last straw for it. Other than the damaged areas, nothing rusted, so I'l sure under normal use it would have been just fin under the same conditions.
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Preparation for one more test. X marks the spot. 500 at 100PMH. Will take place as soon as can be coordinated between plane, pilot, and spotter on the ground.

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