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I’m still waiting for the corn to come down for the plane toss, but I wanted to think of something I haven’t done yet. I never put it up against a pick up truck?

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speed bump video

Dirt speed bump?
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bump in dirt video?

Need to shake the dirt loose form the barrel, so I tied it to the bumper
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shake the dirt out video

Run through what mags I have loaded.
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function check video

May as well shake it out with one more road trip. The mag was always full, but no round in the chamber for the “draggings”.
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One more trip down the street video

The rear sight took a bump to the right.
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couple wacks with hammer should get it back on paper.
sight adjustment video

Looks good, lets see how it hits at 35’. (sorry for the focus was zooming in on the target)
Accuracy Video

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A bit to the left, but good enough. Even after all its been, it still groups as good as it did the day I got it, well at least as well as I can shoot it!

I wondered how it shoots at 50yds with S&B ball ammo, and the filthy crunchy, heavy trigger?

First 13shot group was to the left, so I gave it another wack with the hammer. The second 13shot group was the bad guy. Good enough for a fighting .45!
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