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Re: Black Hawk Down

Originally posted by cysoto
I guess I need to give Bowden a second chance and read this book of his. I have heard many avid readers talk about Black Hawk Down and I have yet to find anyone who doesn't love this book.

In my case, the first (and only) Bowden book that I have read is: Killing Pablo and this was a huge disapointment to me. In Killing Pablo the author has a hard time sticking to just telling "one story at'a time". I get the feeling he wanted to make this into a high paced thriller but he failed miserably at it.
It's hard to follow up a success like BHD. If you read between the lines it looks like the Delta/Seal guys were leading him own about the Pablo Escobar mission. I think they wanted that story to be told, but no one looked into it until they pointed Bowden in the right direction.
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