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As a licensed Ham for 20 years, I would like to point out one common misconception about radio moding. First, I'd like to say that it is certainly very important to respect the band plans that are in place and there are indeed many rules and regulations that govern the use of the spectrum that MUST be honored, but in regards to moding the word "illegal" is thrown around way to liberally. It is not illegal to discuss radio mods. In most cases, it is not even illegal to perform mods that allow out of band RX/TX (cell phone frequencies are a BIG NO-NO). It is only illegal to actually use the equipment outside the range that it has been type accepted for. Even then there is one VERY IMPORTANT exception, during an emergency you are allowed to use any frequency in any manner required in order to make contact and get help. This is an often overlooked exception and is the reason why the FCC doesn't shutdown the numerous mod databases that exist out there on the internet.
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