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Originally posted by Geko45
It has never been illegal to modify non-Ham equipment to operate on Ham fequencies. This was intentionally allowed by the FCC. In the early days of Ham radio, there was very little equipment made specifically for Ham radio. In order to promote the service and make it easier for Hams to acquire equipment, the FCC allows Hams to take equipment built for other services and modify them to operate in the amateur radio service. This has always been the case. On the other hand, using modified Ham equipment to operate outside Ham frequencies is frowned upon by the FCC, but even then there are some important exceptions (see my post above).
MY whole point is, a Ham radio operator makes modifications to any CB .. CBs that are only allowed 4-watts transmit, and modifys it to transmit 200 watts. The modification is done on the inside of the radio, so it can miss detection. Is this Ham-op not doing someting that is illegal, of at least helping a peron break the law, by putting these mods into a radio that will be operated on the CB (11-m) band?

And if it is such a grey area, then why in KY, if the DOT at the scale sees your rig with a 10-meter radio or heat, and you don't have your ham ticket, they take the radio out of your truck and confiscate it. period.. happend right in front of me last year.. I had my 2-m rig on my dash, I had to show PROOF that I had a ham ticket, even though my call is right on my doors..
I explained:
It is NOT illegal to own a piece of ham equipment, only to use it if you are not licensed.
I was told, if I did not have a copy of my Ham ticket with me, I would lose the radio and to explain it to a judge.

Chicken sh1t is what that was... But the point I was trying to make before the rant, was if it is such a grey area, then why in IN, KY and the like, are they ticketing for it..

In Indiana, the scale thought I had a scanner on my dash, asked me to explain the radio, I did.. Then he told me, if it could scan, it would be technically illegal to have in a vehicle, because Indiana law strictly prohibits scanners from being in vehicles. A HAM radio that scans is technically illegal (according to this State cop).. and can be confiscated and the person using given heavy fines..

So what gives there???????????

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