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Originally posted by ouki
So what gives there???????????
Sounds like your state DOT has a lot of misinformed enforcement individuals. Like I said before, there seems to be more misunderstandings about the legality of when and where you can use radio equipment then there is about firearms. Ham operators have explicit protection at the federal level that excludes them from the kind of state and local level laws you are referring to. The bad news is, you would have one heck of a time trying to prove it in court and get your radio back. It would end up costing you much more then the lost equipment was worth, but I have no doubt that you would eventually win.

As for the Ham op modifying CB equipment to run at 200W. Well, that isn't very wise, but yes it would be legal. It would only be illegal to use it at 200W on CB frequencies, not to possess it. Are you sure he isn't retuning for 10m at the same time? That would make more sense. If the mod allows operation on both 10m and 11m and the power level is selectable between normal and high, then I see no problem with this. The equipment could be used legally in both bands. BTW, the only way I could possibly see squeezing 200W out of a 4W rig would be to create a completely new final stage. That would be a difficult task to accomplish inside the existing case.
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