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5) a person who has written permission from the chief executive officer of a law enforcement agency to possess a police radio;
I aapreciate the info, this will be kept with me in the truck..

I only go through Indiana in my travels, but we have been looking to move there. We were making an offer on a house in Newburgh, place got leveled by a tornado about a month ago.. (House we were making an offer on) so that ended that..6-mos ago almost bought one in Spurgeon, just missed out on that.. We are looking though, just want to be out in the country.. I used to go through Indiana all the time, but DOT got a bug up their butt some time ago, and it got to be a bit silly, like the Ham Radio thing.. I think IN must have hired a bunch of new DOT people and they were all gung-ho .. Anyway.. I really do appreciate the post..

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