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Originally posted by Geko45

As for the Ham op modifying CB equipment to run at 200W. Well, that isn't very wise, but yes it would be legal. It would only be illegal to use it at 200W on CB frequencies, not to possess it. Are you sure he isn't retuning for 10m at the same time? That would make more sense. If the mod allows operation on both 10m and 11m and the power level is selectable between normal and high, then I see no problem with this. The equipment could be used legally in both bands. BTW, the only way I could possibly see squeezing 200W out of a 4W rig would be to create a completely new final stage. That would be a difficult task to accomplish inside the existing case.
It was being done to a Cobra 148, that is a normal 11m only CB with SSB. This one shop does this every day.. Then they test the radio on ch40 with full wattage as he shows the customer just how much power it now puts out.. Small switch on the side of the radio turns the thing on and off.. He did the hard-sell on me one time when I was getting my 129 knob fixed.

Just bugs me that a Ham would do this to CB's.. It is a pet peave of mine.. So I rant about it..

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