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The discussion of "overpenetration" usually occurs in the context of shooting a shotgun inside an apartment or shooting a rifle round. My attitude may not be politically correct. Too bad. I want a round that goes through walls, car engines, car doors and when it hits someone, the person goes down for the count. I don't want to have to be thinking about select slug drills, low recoil or whimp rounds, using underpowered rounds that will get me killed.

Hoss you are right!

Man i want to leave a hole big enough, and deep enough, to pitch a mule through! ;f

Hand guns are not the instant killers everyone makes them out to be, so if you are going to carry one to defend yourself, why not use ammo that is going to get #1.. Max Penetration, and then if, #2.. it does expand, great!

"Please don't answer, but how many of ya have ever really been shot at, or shot someone else? (don't reply ok, because i don't want to answer back)." I'm just saying, that so much of this 'Internet talk' is just that, 'talk.' People need to talk about what they know, not about what they have 'no clue about,' and read here or there, or heard someone say, or figured out on a calculater, or saw on CSI, etc.

Through & Through's, if you want to use this term, "do happen," But again, it is the guy scared spitless, spraying bullets wildly, or a miss for whatever reason, that is bad news to the innocent, not the over penetration.

Shoot ammo that will get the best penetration, and learn the weapon, and learn to shoot!

Sorry but all this 'Lone Ranger' and "B" western talk is Bull.

Shooting in the leg, shoot the shoulder, pop a knee joint, or a hip joint, take this stance that stance. My goodnes! If you got time to worry about your stance, with two or three guys shooting at you, you are really a cool character. If you can hit a knee joint under pressure, and stress to the max, and chaos going on to the max, "it's dumb," but you are a cool customer, and a great shot.

Is this possible,? Sure, but my question is "why" ?

To the "very highly" trained professional, this is even more possible, and even under tons of stress, and they may have cause for this type of action, for a 'specific tatical reason.'

But to the armed citizen, that can't even hardly clean his gun without a manual, this is just plain dumb!

It is very easy to see why there are so many gun related accidents each year, because there are so many people who do not have a clue how to use them, 'or their head,' in a situation. If you can't get a grip on "How" to handle that weapon, then for God sake just use mace.

Just my $ 1.95 ;f

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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