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Re: A brief primer on KB's

Originally posted by DRH
First off what does KB stand for?
Is this mostly an issue with Glock
40 SW and if so should I only
use factory ammo if I buy a Glock?
Am I better off to buy a SIG 40 SW
if I want to use reloads because quite
frankly this freaks me out a little.

since you received no real answers from the last time I checked in I'll try.
KB stands for KaBoom. Its when the unsupported lower section of the case(because of the barel/chamber design) lets go and a rupture occurs at the moment of firing. The "hot gas" is directed downward through the magwell, and some out through the barrel with the bullet if your lucky and with the extractor.

Its generally an issue with .40 caliber Glocks and bad cases.
Use only new .40 factory amo and you'll be fine. If you reload be very careful on overcharging.

Its not a common enough occurrance to worry about imo.
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