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From OKC also.....

Hey Glock addict: Yes I am in OKC too. I sometimes shoot at H&H, but I sometimes shoot outside at the Canadian Valley Ranges out off I-40 near Banner Road (toward El Reno) I like shooting outside. It is a more relaxed invironment w/o all the cool cocked and locked dudes running around running the show. I can set up my chronograph or whatever I want. How can you tell anything about your loads if you can't clock them sometimes? Also, I just like the outdoors. I don't have to breathe the lead and smoke. I alos have an agreement with a friend who has a farm with a shooting range if I trade out by doing some upgrades to their range setup. New wood on the back stops, etc. I plan to build some benches and other things for her. Sorry, I can't take any visitors (yet) though. Darn.

Let me know how you like the loads with the Longshot powder. I get a kick out of that load. It could go hotter, as I have never gone to the point of bulges or flat primers with it, but it already hurts my hand and I decided that it's battering my Witness as it is. I am about to work up another one with a 185 gr. bullet. I just have to find the time. I wish I lived on a farm like another buddy of mine. He loads about 3 rounds and goes outside and just fires them. He knows immediately if they are good or not and then goes back in and improves the load. It must be great to do it like that.

Maybe we can meet out on Banner Road sometime. Let me know if you need directions to it.

be cool!

-pat (aka patman or patmandu)
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