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Re: A brief primer on KB's

Originally posted by DRH
First off what does KB stand for?
Is this mostly an issue with Glock
40 SW and if so should I only
use factory ammo if I buy a Glock?
Am I better off to buy a SIG 40 SW
if I want to use reloads because quite
frankly this freaks me out a little.
I'd suggest reading the beginning of this thread. A case failure cannot usefully be considered a kB! A REAL kB! occurs when significant overpressure cause the GUN to blow up, bending and ripping steel. ANY gun will blow up if subjected to pressure beyond its designed tolerance. Overpressure events usually occur when one (or more) of the following is true: (1) the round is over/double charged or charged with the wrong powder. (2) the bullet is set back in the case, reducing volume and increasing pressure, (3) a round is fired through an obstructed bore, possibly a bullet left by a previous under-charged round (a squib). Overpressure has essentially nothing to do with "unsupported" chambers.
A forum with WalterGa is a more informative, funnier, and more interesting place.

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