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My $0.02 for what it's worth

1 shot stops are a myth... 186 LEO while in the Navy, 9 of which resulted in UOLF, the Berretta M9 was a puke piece and on several occasions required the expenditure of an entire 15rnd clip plus a 12ga 00 back up to neutralize a hostile. Granted we were using military ball ammo, but still the inadequacy of the 9mm rnd was enough for me to obtain permission from my CO to use my personal side arm with NATO approved FMJ rnds as my primary weapon and the issued Barreta as my back-up.

Even then with the heavier caliber weapon, one shot stops were not seen. In this case I would have to blame the ammo for the majority of the inadequacy of these rnds. Tight grouping in the chest on several hostiles proved ineffective in dropping let alone slowing the hostile.

As has been said several times in this forum, tight grouping, high rate of fire and maintaining a level head are what will win a pistol fight.

As my teams training office said over and over and we drilled over and over...

"2 in the chest, 1 in the head... ensure the SOB is dead" LCDR Jensen USN(R). And it does work... most of the time.
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