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Originally posted by Scarface
Hi LimeyCop,

We just began to carry an adjustable Thigh Pocket holster designed with the help of our female family members. It adjusts up or down the thigh, dependent on what you are wearing and the size of the pistol.
Please look at the Thigh Pocket at Ankle At $24.99, it won't break the bank.
If you decide it fits your needs, on the order form please give us your waist size in the comments section. Each waist support belt is cut individually. By the way, it's made in beige tones to give additional help in secreting it under a skirt or shorts.
Right now, we're out of stock, but should have more within several weeks, if that meets your needs.

Be Well,

Thanks. This is exactly what I need. The fact that it is a beigey colour will help it hide under a white blouse too.


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