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Re: SOMETIMES 223 fmj does well

Originally posted by Ragnar D.
Often, however, it does not. Not in flesh, anyway. What it does in jello is irrelevant, despite the claims of the lazy and the ignorant. There is no reason to risk using fmj bullets, and the 223 softpoint is both more destructive and more reliable in its effect, to longer ranges, and out of shorter barrels. Besides, the 223 is not the issue here. Handguns are the issue, and I agree that the velocities shown by the 10mm RBCD ammo shows what can be achieved. I did not say that I favored their style of bullet. I said that 70-80 gr bullets can be driven to 2300-2400 fps in 5" barrels with the 10mm. Now watch somebody (who can't read) explain all about how the RBCD bullet is no good. Make that lightweight bullet out of solid copper and have it be split lengthwise, like the QuikShok bullet. No, such a bullet is not illegal, either. Hit some animals with it, and you will see that it performs just like the 223 softpoint, which is to say, quite dramatically.

What cops have to do and what civilians can get away with are not the same things. If you had beat Rodney King silly with a nightstick, you'd have served 5+ years in the penitentiary.
Ummmm...ballistic gelatin is used because it mimics flesh. Of course it's not going to be 100% accurate, but the only way to get that is case studies (mutilating bodies) or animal testing, which is erroneous as animal muscle is different from human muscle. Animals have stronger muscle fibers, on the whole, than humans do. That's why an ape is 6x stronger than a human of comparable muscle mass, body weight, and size.

Regardless, back to the discussion at hand...

.223 soft-point isn't really necessary, unless you want crappy penetration. We're talking a high-velocity round which is going to fragment anyway, with better penetration, versus a soft-point high-velocity round which will also fragment, albeit more reliably, but with decreased penetration.

I don't know about you, but hitting the person comes first, THEN worrying about whether or not the bullet will promote maximum damage.
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