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a FOOL and his money

i suppose the doctors and other professionals that repeatedly purchase and shoot this ammo are doing it because they SEE what the ammo does NOT do?
my experience with these customers is that they tell me it works when they use it. THEY ALSO complain about the price(but not enough to stop them from reordering).
i might buy something once to try it out, but I won't be buying it again(Extreme Shock).
I have spoken with many professionals that are using the ammo in testing. I am aware of the threads on other websites and ONE thing seems to stand out- most of the comments come from those that have never shot this ammo.
I would LOVE to find a lead ball ammo that does what i've seen this ammo do to wild dogs, pigs, coyotes, deer etc..
if you know of a brand please save me some money and time and I'll stop selling the "junk" i'm selling now.

Thanks for your time.
Disclaimer: I make money from selling RBCD ammunition in North Texas.
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