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Originally posted by BlackBelt
and it's a young mans game.
Don't let Randy here you say that! But seriously your right, Royce is past his prime. He hasn't been viewed the same since he was beaten by Walid. He is however still a legend. My thoughts on the fight are much the same as most, I think Matt is going to destroy him, but in a way I hope he doesn't. I have been a fan of MMA since UFC 1 and Royce is one of the few old school guys left. Shamrock is another one of the fading legends and his last few fights where embarrassing. I want to remember those guys as bigger than life and to see them lose fight after fight is...well frankly...sad. It's kind of like if they made another Indiana Jones movie. I want to remember Indy the way he was, not an old man chasing after the ancient can of Ensure.
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