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Re: The 10mm to the arm can shatter the bone

Originally posted by glug
and that can be very debilitating, indeed. The luck hit to his arm is the only thing that stopped Platt from killing all 8 of the Feds with his Mini-14 that day in Miami. So it depends upon what you claim is "marginal" hit. The 10mm jhp to the gut will be a LOT more likely to stop a man than a 9mm ball rd to the lung, for instance. It just has a lot more pain, shock, and so on for the guy to try to overcome with his adrenalin. Not everyone has the same level of desperation-adrenalin as the worst case scenarios.
It wasn't 9mm ball. It was a 9mm Silvertip that didn't penetrate 12 inches and reach the heart. Penetration, not wound channel diameter, was the key to that failure.
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