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Re: we can all either do the math, or find a

Originally posted by mitchshrader
high school student to do it for us.

the energy at the muzzle = the energy at the target + the energy lost to friction between the muzzle and the target.. and as it doesn't knock YOU over, there ought to be a clue it won't necessarily knock them over either.

now, knockdown power. well, a double twelve has that, i got knocked down firing one both barrels once. big bruise, knocked me on my butt.

so, i'd figure a double twelve has knockdown power at the other end too. that's about 4000 lbs muzzle energy, thereabouts.

that's about like a 30.06 and a bit.. say, a .338 maybe.

that's knockdown power.
Amen, Mitch, amen, preach it brother!

Handgun ammo energy is too small to be a factor!
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