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The Flying M1A1

Back around 86-87 timeframe I was test driving one of our M-2 Bradley’s out in the assembly area right behind our motor pool 1- 8th and noticed that there was an M-1 down at the east end apparently doing the same thing, but due to the amount of dust they kicked up and maybe the TC not watching where they where at they blew threw the large ravine that ran north and south. It just happened while I was facing that direction and just caught them going out of sight down into the ravine and boy O boy when they came out of it they where waaay up there. I’d bet they had somewhere between six and ten feet of air under their clenched butts. When they finally made their landing both tracks broke and road wheels took off in every direction, taking out POV’s that where parked back in the area between the east and west bound lanes. Had to have broken all the torsion bars cuz this thing was sitting on the hull. I’m more than certain that they had to have been hurt cuz we all know that there’s as much padding on the inside as there is on the outside………ZERO!!

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