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AUTO-LASER Automatic Laser System

Hi, First I would like to thank Eric and Glock Talk for adding this section. I believe it will be a great avenue to be able to inform and answer questions about products that Glock Talks sponsors have. I use this type forum with great sucess in another industry. It allows customers & potential customers to be able to gets questions answered without using the standard forums.

My name is Tony Doukas of Tactical Design & Research Inc.
We are located in south Florida and I have been an avid shooter all my life. I have a sister company, (TDR Inc.), that has produced products for the ATV, 2 stroke industry since 1973. I started Tactical Design & Research last year and we are now starting to produce many products in the weapons industry. We produce everything in-house with our own CNC production machines.

TDR 911 is the new Logo for our complete line of products that we are manufacturing. You will see more of them in the years to come. TDR 911 is also stocking many different brand name products. We are always open to suggestions of new products to make.

The first item is AUTO-LASER.
The Auto-Laser unit is a small lite-weight laser unit that activates on withdrawl from the holster. The activation is done by placing a small magnet on the outside of your exsisting holster or by purchasing a new holster. For more details go to or call 800-321-6354 and I would be happy to answer any questions about our products.

There are currently 4 different laser part #'s that will fit a wide varity of weapons. The Glock models are the most popular and we have seen the most sales. For the early frame Glocks and the sub-compact models without the accesory rail we have a glue on adapter to allow you to attach all rail type lights & Lasers. Now soon.

It seems that the biggest issue is the fact that you have to use a different holster. We are now producing custom Kydex style holsters for use with the Auto-Laser. They are now available.

Please direct all questions for Auto-Laser or TDR911 products thru this site.
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