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Originally posted by truckstop cop
oh, dont go onboard and act like some hardnose commissioned officer with the enlisted guys,they know the drill and they can make your life very easy or very very hard.
That also holds true for when you are commissioned. Do your job, uphold the standards, but don't be a total know-it-all jackass. Sure you've been to college and have a degree, but that really doesn't mean jack squat in the long run. Listen to your chief... it'll take years before you know as much about the ship as he does.

Now let me remove myself from my .

Not picking on you or anything. After all, I'm basically a midshipman myself (officer candidate if you want to get technical). I just see a lot of mids here who are going to go to their ship and act like a jackass. Pisses me off to no end... especially when they don't listen to anything I have to say.
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