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Re: Re: Vote for your favorite Glock!

Originally posted by Razoreye
Cmon now!! I guess you're a product of the publik skool system eh? You have 22 and 23 after 30, etc. ;f ;f

Great poll!!

I only included 10 choices in the original poll, because that's all I thought it allowed. I was able to keep going back and adding 2 at a time to get it up where it should be.

NOW, stop making fun of my educashun!LOLOLOLO;i
"Weapons are tools of power. In the hands of the state they can be the tools of decency or the tools of oppression, depending on the righteousness of that state. In the hands of criminals they are tools of evil. In the hands of free and decent citizens they are tools of liberty. An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it."
- Col. Jeff Cooper
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