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I should explain why I voted for the G32. I have a few full size and a few sub-compact Glocks and love them all. I had been pestering my wife to get a compact model, and explained that I wanted to try the new .357 SIG, so the G32 would be the right choice. This went on for a quite a few months and then our anniversary was here. We exchanged cards and gifts, all was well in the world, then she leaned over for a kiss and a hug and I felt she was WEARING one of my Glocks in a belly band. She never does this! First thing I said was, I hope you were careful, (all my Glocks always loaded, all the time) when you were playing with that thing. She said I was and showed me. I then noticed the rear sight was a standard Glock rear sight. I don't have any Glocks with standard rear sights. I withdrew the Glock and it was a G32! She bought it used at our local gun shop and got a good deal on it. Our anniversary is in early December, so on Christmas among other things I got a G23 barrel, it came with the gun, but she thought it would be funny to wait for Christmas. Those that are married know how funny our wives can be at times.

Sappy stuff over.

I have been to a few shooting schools and carried the G30 for a very long time, as well as IDPA. I think that I shot it very well. I still can't shoot my G21 better then the G30. When I first started shooting the G32, putting it through its paces, I noticed it shot really well and very accurate. I replaced the sights with night sights, a 3.5# connector, and a real good polishing job. During my next few range sessions I noticed that I seemed to be shooting the G32 better than I shot my G30! I paid close attention the next couple of times at the range and sure enough it was true, I was shooting the G32 better than the G30. For all who have experience with different calibers, you know the recoil is different for each one. The .45 is more of a slight push and slow to return the barrel index back in line with the target. The .357 is much snappier, the recoil goes faster up and down. So the barrel seems to re-index faster on target. On the .357 the bullet leaves the barrel faster. I have a slight tremor problem, I have had it all of my adult life, that's just the way it is and I have no problems with it. You make adjustments to your situation and move on. I guess I handle the faster snappier recoil of the .357 SIG better than that of the .45 ACP. That probably explains why I don't shoot the G21 very well also. Kinda weird but that's the way it is for me. I have been carrying the G32 for a couple of years now and it has become my #1 go-to Glock! I also have the G23 barrel and an aftermarket 9MM barrel, three guns in one.
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