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Such a hard choice. The 23 has been my carry pistol for so many years, It is with me all the time. if it is not on me it is on the nightstand.
But I like all the others too, for different reasons.
The 21 is my favorite to shoot pins with full size tables.
The 17L is my favorite to shoot pins with when they they use 2 X 10's
The 17 with Advantage Arms 22cal conv. for shooting Pin Tops.
The 24 to carry in the woods, or the 22 or 23.
The AA 22 cal to teach non shooters and then work up 17L,17 22,21
I want to vote for them all. I would like to have a lot more.
If I had to get rid of all but one it would be the 23.
:( I wouldn't want to be in that position.:(

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