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Glock Addict: I also use the CCI 350 primers. I agree that the load doesn't need to be boosted any more. It might be safe to do so, but it is pretty hot like it is. I have worked up loads with other calibers and felt the need to push them until I found the limit and then backed off (38 super and 41 AE), and I feel the 10mm brass could safely handle more pressure, but I am content with it at the 12.4 gr load. I recommend anyone back off to 11.5 gr and then work up .2 grains at a time watching for over pressure signs. I still haven't worked on the 185 and 200 gr loads yet, but I will when I have time. I wish my work wasn't so demanding, I would do it tomorrow. I'm glad you tried this load. I think it will chrono to 1400 to 1450 fps in most guns. This is a real full house 10mm load and I think it is safe. I started using Hodgdon Longshot powder when I saw the little free Hodgdon load book and it listed loads for 40 S&W and on the list the Longshot surpassed the other powders by 200+ fps (if I remember correctly). I use it in several calibers now. It is very accurate.

Nice to hear from you again.

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