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Glock 37

What I want to know is how many others here own a GLOCK 37. It was not listed in the poll when I voted. I live in California and a civilian cannot own any weapon with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds. The GLOCK 37 holds 10 rounds and uses the new .45 GAP(Glock Auto Pistol)Ammunition, so it has major stopping power, my guess is the most for it's weight 35ozs fully loaded. Yup, I got a lotta bang for my buck, and my perimeter is a safe as it can be for just one firearm. That's all I wanted, and I wanted more range time, otherwise I might have bought an AR15(Or the closest rifle I could get to my Class of 1968 Colt M-16. However, the State Of California screwed the whole assualt-rifle weapon purchase with all the State-Forced Modifications). Range time is easy for pistol firing as the range is only a half-hour away. Well I'm outa here, have a superday. Semper-Fidelis. CG13.
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