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Glock 37

Hello. I recently purchased a Glock 37, for "Home Defense" and some target shooting. I will only be able to shoot once a month maybe, due to being just too busy. However, carrying a firearm as in "Day Job" I do not, so I am not going to be an expert on any of this stuff. Well here's my question/scenario. I have two mags loaded, one is in the Glock(But not chambered), if I don't get to the range but once a month, how often should I unload and let magazines be empty(I just purchased 3 more for a total of 5) and also what about the bullets and rotation thereof etc. I'm a ole USMC Vietnam Veteran that is new to this(Glock and having a firearm at home for defense), and appreciate all the help I can get. CG13.
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