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I just dug out my old Glock user guide that came with my 17 in its' Tupperware box - I kept it as there was no redemption value when I had to hand all my shooting kit in for compensation after the UK handgun ban. Bit of nostalgia really. Do they still come with all the low rent accessories? I felt a bit cheated when I bought it from the (now non - existent) gun dealer in Hockley, Essex. I thought it would come all shiny (okay, well matt and black) in a nice box - instead it turned up like a Sainsbury's ready meal!

Once I started shooting with it, well, that is another story, and I fell in love with it. Like a piece of white goods, it just WORKED.

I just think that they should come presented n a bit more of a glamorous fashion - rather than in the very ordinary plastic box - apologies if this has now changed and I am out of date.
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