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Re: National ID cards

Originally posted by Hugh Neal
Hi again chaps,

One thing occurs to me; recently in the professional computer press (I am in IT Management, for my sins) an article was published in relation to the failure of the Police and Home Office to set up and run a national firearms database. This database was meant to be set up as a result of the enquiry into the Dunblane massacre in 1996. It was supposed to track the estimated 70,000 still - legal shotguns, bolt action rifles and black powder weapons still in private ownership. In TEN YEARS they have failed to get the system working.

This pales into insignificance when compared the the UK's Labour Government plan to introduce both compulsory biometric ID cards to all UK residents, and a mammoth ID database containing DNA records, photos, details of bank accounts and credit ratings - even sexual orientation will be recorded! (And before some of the UK posters to this thread come back with "you are exaggerating, that's not what was said on TV / in the papers" - My employers are the principal business advisors to the UK Government regarding the whole scheme, and I have seen DETAILED scoping documents not yet available to the press / general public).

Very frightening, the only comfort is those involved, however unwittingly malevolent are pretty incompetent. In Britain, people generally only work for the Civil Service if they are young and looking for experience, or they lack the competence to get a job in the "real world" where the pay is far higher and the conditions better (CPS anyone?)

More details can be found here:
I agree with you mate. Like all Labour govt plans - a complete shower of s**t. Waste of time and money (ours!!!)
English police officer
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