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Originally posted by Glockasaurus Rex
Wow, someone doesn't know the meaning of tongue-in-cheek. Sorry to have offended your tender sensibilities, but it was just in jest. I guess they're as sensitive as your tolerance for recoil, huh? Tell me, do you wear a PAST shooting glove when touching off those 9mm rounds? LOL
To humor you, I did refer to Websters and, what do you know, it means exactly what I KNEW it meant.

Main Entry: pas∑sť
Pronunciation: pa-'sA
Function: adjective
Etymology: French, from past participle of passer
1 : past one's prime
2 a : OUTMODED b : behind the times

Please read my signature, it was written for guys like you. Seek validation? What a bunch of psycho-babble!!! LOL.

Look, I signed that it was written tongue in cheek and even admitted to being a sore loser, if you choose to be offended that's your business. I like the 9mm, and I'm sure I would die a quick and urine stained death if I were to ever be shot by one.

PS: You forgot to mention that my Glock was made in the same country that gave us Adolf Hitler. LOL! That's what made it funny or at least abrasive....

OK, you've convinced me, I'm buying a Model 19!!! I want to be confident in my ability to end hostilities quickly. I no longer want to seek validation from others in my choice of calibers. So help me, Mr. 9mm. Let it be written, let it be done.
Hi. Sorry to get back to you so late. I was just trying to give you a hard time. No offense taken by me and none intended toward you. I did think the passe' comment was funny. While we have seen a HUGE growth in the .40's popularity it is very well behind the 9mm in sales. Maybe it's a euro-american thing? I don't know. But the 9mm is certainly not "past one's prime". Maybe the U.S. Military will adopt the .40? That would help catapult it to the top perhaps.

Wal-mart actually has the WWB 165 grn FMJ .40 cal ammo at $16.98 for 100 round value pack. The .38 special is at $18.88 for a 100 round value pack, and the 9mm is $11.98. So, the .40 is now cheaper to buy than the .38 special but has a ways to go to supplant the 9mm.

My first gun was a Ruger P91 DAO .40 cal. That long trigger stroke each time taught me how to shoot well. I have nothing against the .40. I carry a SP101 .357 mag every day and am not sensitive to recoil as the 158 grn bullet out of 2.25" barrel is quite a handful. I just shoot the 9mm because I can shoot it for very little money, accurate, and load the 124 grn +p's for business. These rounds have similar ballistics to the .40 and .45.

I am not trying to start a caliber flame with you.....they are so over done.....don't ya' think?

A 91% one shot stop (whatever that is) compared to a 95% one shot stop. Pretty close and similar ballistics. If Marshal and Sanow are right.

The Glock was also made in the same country that gave us Mozart and Freud.
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