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Out-of-state visitor buying a handgun in Florida

Hi, I'm going to be visiting the Venice area of Florida this weekend, coming from Virginia.

I plan to go to the Suncoast Gun Show in Fort Myers on Sunday. If I see a gun I want to buy, I'd like to be able to buy it and take it home with me the same day.

From what I've read, there is a 3-day waiting period when buying guns from a retail establishment, unless the buyer has a concealed weapon permit.

I have a current Virginia CCW permit.

Will I be able to buy a gun at the Florida gun show and take it home the same day?

Someone else on GT was telling me that I cannot take ownership of the gun at the show, and it would have to be shipped to my FFL dealer in Virginia. I can't find any mention in the Florida law of this. Is this true, even though I have a Virginia CCW permit? I'd contact the Suncoast Gun Show with this question, but they don't have an e-mail or phone number on their website.
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