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English....This is a picture of my Storm Lake aftermarket barrel(left) next to my Glock 23 stock barrel(right). The Storm Lake never buldges the cases even with the A-- Kicking Double Tab ammo. The Glock barrel buldges the case with winchester white box target loads. I have seen pictures of other aftermarket barrels that have even "more" case support than the storm lake barrels. Everyone is coming to their own conclusions,right or/and wrong about the glock buldge and case rupture at the 6 o'clock position. My opinion is that the the Kb problems starts with the lack of case support in the 6 o'clock area. The big time barrels makers have decided a course of action to take and are engineering and manufacturing their glock barrels with much better case support and tighter chambers than the glock factory barrels. I do not know of even one aftermarket barrel maker that is making a barrel with the same or less case support and oversized chamber as the glock factory barrel. Glocks are used by civilians and PD in the U.S. I think the big oversized chamber and lack of case support is more of a problem for them. I personally would rather have standard rifing and the ability to shoot lead in a barrel myself. Quite a few people reload in the U.S. To sum this all up, I agree with the barrel makers, get a barrel with a tighter chamber and "maxium case support" for the high pressure .40/10mm caliber guns. I believe Lone Wolf dist. is coming out with a barrel for the .40 that will probably be the best deal for the bucks.

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