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VV N350

I'm looking to make up a load for my Delta using VV N350 , CCI primers and 165gr Gold Dots (how is the Starline brass?) Have to admit I'm a little peeved at Lapua and Vihtavuori . No mater what powder question you have they will not give you a solid answer. I know they don't want the liability , but how hard would it be for them to actual test their powders with different weight bullets. If they did they'd sell more powder! (Sorry rant over) It should be obvious by now that VV does not list a 165 gold dot (or any other 165gr bullet) for a 10mm Auto load. If any one has worked up any #'s using N350 I'd appreciate what they found.
PS . Is there a good inexpensive Chronograph available, (than I can publish what I find also.)
Thanks in advance
Chris "V"
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