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I was in for 9 years. I did the best of both worlds. I was 11B for the first 5 and then reclassed to EOD (89D) for the last 4. I won't tell you which MOS to choose. It's all about what you want. It's all about what you can do, handle and take. I can say this... as EOD I have operated with some of the best troops in the world. I have worked Secret Service missions. I have operated with SOF, both US, Lithuanian, Polish, British, German, Austalian. I have had more combat patrols with the 82nd than I can count. And the best of it all... What job let's you go roaming around looking for stuff to blow up? Not too mention, if you are a risk taker, what better risk is there than to sit on top of an IED trying to RSP it while someone's shooting at you???

Okay that last part did sound a little over-zealous. I just liked the EOD work that I did.

Good luck in what ever you do!!!
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