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Great to see a motivated prospective Soldier. All the combat arms jobs mentioned so far are great MOS's, where you'll have oppurtunities to learn and advance.

13B is Artillery, Cannon Crewmember. You'll be on either a M119 105 mm towed howitzer, a M198 or M777 155mm towed howitzer, or a M109A6 self propelled howitzer. It's a great MOS.

If you're interested in Infantry and Artillery, look into 13F, Fire Support Specialist. You'll work with Infantry and Armor units, coordinating fires (artillery, mortars, and fighters). These are typically some of the best Soldiers in the combat arms. I can't recommend it enough.

Finally, remember two things.

1. Chose a Combat Arms MOS.

2. Join the Army to be a Soldier. Your MOS will define your primary duties, but these days we need smart and adaptable Soldiers who can excel in all duties a Soldier is called upon to perform.
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