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Originally posted by BrokenArrow
How's the reliability w the aftermarket Glock bbls w more case support?

Only experience I have is w Jarvis Glock bbls, and they caution while more supported, may not be as reliable.
A drop-in replacement barrel might give feed problems for two reasons. Most have tighter chamber tolerances, which means that out of spec ammo may not chamber or eject reliably. And then there's the question of barrel fit in a "drop-in" replacement. Mine's worked well, but it's not hard to imagine that a replacement barrel maker might err on the "tight fit" side, impacting performance.

I'd personally like to see aftermarket barrels come in "combat" chambering/fits, with slightly looser tolerances and "match" chambering/fits.

I had to tighten my 10mm crimps .003-5" at the case mouth to get my reloads to run reliably in my Glock 29 with a KKM barrel. Previously they worked great in S&W 1006 & 1066, but were .003-5 larger than Remington UMC factory loads.
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