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Originally posted by mobocracy
Please do detail your experience with revolver KBs not directly attributable to overcharges. I've seen KB'd revolvers, but they were always associated with double charges of fast powders.
At the range I go to, there is a display case with a couple of S&W N-frame revolvers and a bull-strong Ruger Blackhawk. All have FULLY-SUPPORTED chambers--and all experienced true kB! events--topstraps are curled upward or broken, cylinders are broken, etc. Little tags identify the cause for each: TRIPLE charge, wrong powder, and wrong bullet. Add occluded barrel (which really encompasses "wrong bullet") and you have the Usual Suspects for TRUE kB! events--excessive pressure.

I've seen dramatic case failures when a 9mm cartridge is fired in a .40 Glock (don't ask!). Guess what? NO DAMAGE to the gun! WalterGA was right in this matter, as he so often was on other matters.
A forum with WalterGa is a more informative, funnier, and more interesting place.

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