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Originally posted by gary newport
I've seen dramatic case failures when a 9mm cartridge is fired in a .40 Glock (don't ask!). Guess what? NO DAMAGE to the gun! WalterGA was right in this matter, as he so often was on other matters.
Heh..kind of like this?

Valuable Info

That's a 10mm case that managed to get fired in a .45 ACP 1911. Didn't even keyhole, but it also didn't eject right or feed the next round.

A friend of mine, military gun collector and Ph.D. managed to load a magazine of 10mm into my .45 ACP 1911 and let one off. He's suitably punished at every range session with questions as to why "this bullet won't fit...".

It didn't damage the gun or magazine at all. After field stripping and checking the barrel for obstructions, it managed to be as accurate as ever and I've had no problems in 1k+ rounds fired through it since.
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