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The important thing to remember is it matters not what job you had in the Navy/service prior to becoming a Police Officer. What matters is a clean nose and doing your job well. Find something you want to do, not what you think will help you come a cop. Master at Arms, no way my friend. Don't count on some Navy qual making you a shoe in. Some places have their own EOD and would like EOD trained people to apply but you still have to meet back ground/psych/physical/drug abuse requirements. (some people just are not cut out for the job)

I worked on Navy ejection seats for 20 years before becoming a Police Officer. Very little use for that now. I enjoyed the Navy and my job for the most part. My Seniors knew I was interested in becoming a cop so I was assigned to the Singapor Police for shore patrol one night. Doing 120K though the streets of Singapor was a blast. The same command made sure I was able to attend reserve police classes on my off time. That let me see if I was really interested in the job.

If I had it to do over again I would work on a 4 year degree in CJ/Business something on what little time off I had and raising a family.
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