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It will be the "Classifier" who will give you a school. I would not sign a contract unless there is a school guarantee you are interested in. As a gun guy you might even think of being a Gunners Mate.

I was Navy Air, had a blast and have seen things that would make most peoples head spin. heh, heh.

It's a big world out there. I would not trade anything for the places I've been and the people I've seen. Sometimes people get a little cranky thinking how bad it is here. They have not seen how some other people live. Coming home to the US is alaways a relief.

Depending on how you do on the ASVAB will give the "Classifier" the raw scores with which he can offer you schools.

If you are interested in EOD, I believe there are "rates" or job skills they pull from. As a AME I wasn't able to move onto some of the more fun jobs and besides the Navy was always a little short on us.

Remember this though, the Classifier is like a closer and it looks bad when he looses a sale. Seems like some of the better schools come open towards the end of the month.

Just so you know I was a recruiter over 25 years ago. It was hard duty but my reward was going to China Lake. There I was involved in doing a eval on the then new F/A-18. We called it ugly and the Navy still bought it. The problems we saw then has been improved with the Super 18 which I never worked on. That squardron about worked me to death.

Another little known fact is I loaded the pilots seat for the movie Flight of the Intruder. Movie sucked but it was a fun 3 days of hard work for 3 seconds of film. I was back at China Lake then but working for the Base. That was a fun filled tour. I was also involved in the NACES seat which is now the Navy Standard Ejection Seat. I was the poor SOB who signed the seat was ready for a test shot out of the back of our white F-4 and was safe for flight. I did a total of 17 of those. I also shot M-14's for the base rifle team then as well. I was ordered to Camp Perry in 1990. Heh Heh. Free ammo and free match grade rifles are hard to beat.
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