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Originally posted by billwade
8541 I was in 2nd Tnk Bn. AT-TOW Co. Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen. And that may have been our tankers driving the T-72. I had a ride myself and drove a T-55. Nowhere near as nice as a M1A1.
Dang did I say it didn't happen or did I say it wasn't common? Just like in your first opine did I say "never"? I'm sure the OP with no military exspirience wants to know what's common not what happens once in a blue moon. That was my point with the Soviet Tanks how common was it to ride around in those? Corpsmen in the First Gulf war had a totally different job now than they had then. I did tours in both so I'm very comfortable saying that. You can't really compare '91 with '05 it's apples and oranges, I have not seen a corpsman carrying a rifle ever in combat says the guy with multiple CARs. It's not common if it does happen it is very rare and usually means that the corpsman picked up a weapon. I knew a SGTMAJ who carried a S&W revolver is this common? Do you think we do the OP a servise by answering his question with what commonly occures or barely occurs? never mind that wasn't meant as a direct question.....

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