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Harris Bipod **Help!!! Thanks, Devil Dogs!!

I need a Harris Bipod for my service rifle M-16A2.
My problem is I don't know which one should I get?

Right now, I'm thinking of getting the 1A2-L, 9-13" Bipod, with the #5 Adaptor. Yea or Nea, Pros/Cons?

Series 1A2 bipods have solid base and do not swivel or rotate.

Series S bipods rotate 45 for instant leveling on uneven ground.

Model BR: For benchrest use. BRM has equally spaced height adjusting notches.
Model L: For bench or prone.
Model LM: Notch only height adjustments.

1A2-BR, 6-9" Bipod

S-BR, 6-9" Bipod

1A2-BRM, 6-9" Bipod

S-BRM, 6-9" Bipod

1A2-L, 9-13" Bipod

S-L, 9-13" Bipod

1A2-LM, 9-13" Bipod

S-LM, 9-13" Bipod
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