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Help please: good reliable balck R for $1000

Hello black rifle fans.

I am researching black rifles for a purchase. Would like your feedback! Here are some thoughts

1) Primarily I wish for a robust /reliable weapon.
2) Suitable for 3 gun competition and home defense (unlikley as that might become a need). Need not be perfect for 3 gun.
2) Do not wish to assemble a kit since I do not know enough.
3) Wish to keep cost to about $1100 max since the Rock River Arms Elite Car 2 (which is the basis for the FBI/DEA contract) with 2-stage trigger and hogue grip lists for $1050 and it seems like a good weapon -- however I really don't know that for sure! RRA claims 1MOA at 100yds.
4) Any merit or issues with buying a 308 versus the 223 of same quality/features?
5) I already own two tactical lights. Either can be mounted on the weapon but will likely use the metal sights until I learn them before getting red dot.

Would like to hear your thoughts and learn from your expertise!

Thank you very much for your help!
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