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Re: Help please: good reliable balck R for $1000

Originally posted by windplex
Hello black rifle fans.

I am researching black rifles for a purchase. Would like your feedback! Here are some thoughts

1) Primarily I wish for a robust /reliable weapon.
2) Suitable for 3 gun competition and home defense (unlikley as that might become a need). Need not be perfect for 3 gun.
2) Do not wish to assemble a kit since I do not know enough.
3) Wish to keep cost to about $1100 max since the Rock River Arms Elite Car 2 (which is the basis for the FBI/DEA contract) with 2-stage trigger and hogue grip lists for $1050 and it seems like a good weapon -- however I really don't know that for sure! RRA claims 1MOA at 100yds.
4) Any merit or issues with buying a 308 versus the 223 of same quality/features?
5) I already own two tactical lights. Either can be mounted on the weapon but will likely use the metal sights until I learn them before getting red dot.

Would like to hear your thoughts and learn from your expertise!

Thank you very much for your help!
Go ahead and get the RRA Elite Car 2. Get it with the dominator mount so you can mount an Eotech on it at a later date. It will work very well for 3 gun. .223 will work fine and dandy for you. .308 is a b*tch for 3 gun, but some guys swear by it. If you think you need to engage thin skinned armored vehicles, or enemy personnel at ranges greater that 300 yards with frequency, then .308 may be what you need.

+1 on the new thread. Now back to the pictures.
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