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Originally posted by billwade
8541 I talk to a guy at work today that has a son over there now . He is a corpsman and he is carrying a rifle (at his request). It probably depends on the unit commander. Every unit is different.
I'm sure he tells his Dad about all the patrols he leads as point man also. Do a few tours in the sand box with units that are taking causilties and I assure you you won't see a corpsman out with an issued M-16A2 or M-4. What does the Corpsman do when he has to take care of a wounded man and apply a teriquite (new protocol now, it's a first resort not last) and a IV? Oh yeah I'm sure he worries about the wounded later and returns fire. In a fire fight a corpsman has a job to do and it has nothing to do with shooting at the enemy. Mind you I can o=nly speak on what Doc's are carrying with combat units and it's not rifles. Hell I never even saw a Doc in the First Gulf War with Plasma, it's common now..... Like I said before the FGW and Today are different worlds.:

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