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Originally posted by billwade
That right I'm sure you know everything about everything. And I doubt you were a sniper you don't act like any of the ones i served with . And I have been in combat when casualties were taken, and our doc had his rifle.
Oh and how many scout snipers did you serve with in 2nd tank BLT? please tell us about all the SS that you hung around with at the stumps please. A ton of them HUH? keep beliving "reports from the front". I love it every time some one disagrees from some one else on this board then their not a marine, cop, lawyer, scout sniper or what ever. believe me or not who cares, hey I don't believe you were a tanker but I really don't care but you probably were they way you get your feelings hurt so easy. Like I keep saying I never saw a corpsman issued a rifle in my years, not recently not ever. I'm not calling you a liar and I said that it is not common. You're so hell bent to think that it is a common occurance and to prove me wrong you quote frok a second hand source. believe what you want just don't quote me second hand reports from the front from some one who sends a e mail to his Dad and exspect me not to LMAO..... Funny thing I keep finding that if a Marine who got out years ago is questioned by one who just got out no matter how much time they put in they throw a fit...... It's almost like you guys who have been out for awhile think there is some sort of deference owed to you. ETA here is a link from some navy corpsmen who just got back saying they wished the had rifles but they probably aren't real either or are friends of mine, or are liars, but probably fakers because they disagree that it's common too....

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