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I was a Navy Corpsman from '71 to '75. No combat, but worked a lot of trauma in an emergency room and operating room. I joined because my draft number was #2 and #6 and I wanted a choice of Rating/MOS. I have a tremendous respect for our U.S. Marines. I was stationed with the Marines for a little over a year at Quantico, VA and worked with a lot of wounded Marines coming back from Vietnam. I now work for the Veterans Administration in Outpatient Psychiatry, LCSW - Therapist/Counselor - working with a number of vets suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or related problems. A few of the Corpsman I work with that served in Vietnam chose a shotgun and/or .45... some were so scared they picked-up all the weapons they could carry... for a while...then they learned to do what needed to be done, and would do it all over again.... (Most of the guys I work with were/are "southern, country boys" - grew-up with guns.) Anyway, you guys be safe... I guess I just really wanted to say I appreciate all you do!!! I support you 100%! I also think this thing in Iraq sure smells a lot like Vietnam, just in a different part of the world. I guess I just don't see it quite like some of our politicians.... Semper Fi
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